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8 Ideas on how to spend much needed time with your Family over the Labor Day Week-End That Cost Little Or No Money

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images1. Horse Back Riding: When was the last time you did this before the kids, and when was the last time you did it with your kids? Oh! I bet never. It’s really great and something different.

2. Take a passenger train: yes believe it or not they still do exist. They are wonderful. You can take one from Williams Arizona to close to the Grand Canyon, or Long Island Rail Way there are many around the country, I’m sure you can find one somewhere close to where you live.

3. Paddle Boat, yes the little ones that you get in a paddle your legs off. They are really a lot of fun for not much money.

4. If you live close to Las Vegas, many of the Casinos have free, yes I said FREE exhibits of Madi Gras parades inside the Casino, animal exhibits and those that are not free are not very expensive.

5. Pick a Farm: there are many farms around the country that will let you come in a pick fruits and vegetables, and you only pay for what you pick. It’s great to let the kids see and experience all sorts of things from dong this. One how great fresh foods really are, how much work really goes into caring for and growing the food, and when you prepare it at home, how good the food is and their pride knowing they helped pick it.

6. Hiking, yes hiking: have you taken the time to look around where you live? I;m sure there are hiking trails to some interesting places. You and your family may discover a favorite spot.

7. If you are more into spending time giving back how about volunteering at you local, church, food bank, Humane society etc.,

8. Painting an old ladies fence. No offense to the old lady here. But helping out a neighbor in need will make you feel all warm and fuzzy. And make the neighborhood look better.

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